Friday, December 9, 2011


Project Repat partners with artisans and small businesses in Nairobi, Kenya to make unique products out of the millions of t-shirts that Americans dump on the developing world each year. Project Repat, is harnessing the power of your old t-shirt to support developing markets and local nonprofits around the corner. Every year tons of T-shirts are donated to American welfare organisations, many of them still in an excellent condition. The bulk of these T-shirts are sold to “T-shirt middlemen” in developing countries such as Kenya and Tanzania. Sean Hewens and Ross Lohr saw a gap in this value chain and decided to partner with artisans and small businesses in Nairobi, Kenya, to upcycle the discarded T-shirts into new products to sell back to American customers. A non-profit organisation, Project Repat was started to commission artisans in Nairobi to create exciting new products from the fabric of the old T-shirts. The T-shirts that are upcycled and then shipped back to the USA where they are sold back to customers in search of something trendy, unconventional and socially uplifting. All profits raised from the sale of the converted T-shirts are repatriated back to a non-profit organisation in the country where it was upcycled. Check out their website to order your t-shirt.