Tuesday, November 8, 2011

TYRED = Sustainable Furniture

I get inspired and excited when I come across smart, innovative designers that are creating products that are not only very cool, but very sustainable. TYRED Sustainable Lifestyle Furniture was started over a year ago by South African, Sean Smith, after finding a pile of tires and figuring out what to do with them. Sean came up with a design to use the tire’s as they were, without cutting or melting, and developed a durable, aesthetically pleasing “pod” like product. By taking used and old tyres, his company now creates chairs, ottomans and tables that can be used indoors and outdoors. While helping the environment, Tyred is also making a social impact by donating almost 80% of their profit to the charity Men on the Side of the Road, and the rest to designers and production. The latest range of seating comes in the form of custom illustrated designs by some of South Africa’s top illustrators and artists. Check out the work by Love and Hate, Dylan Jones, Senyol, Bruce Mackay and more.

Helping the environment, helping people. We like!


ร้าน Lek Funiture said...

sawasdee ka

i come to visit you blog naka

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Becca@Furniture Melbourne said...

Amazing products, and beautiful too. Thanks for sharing this blog, let us learn to salvage any resources in "waste products" so that we can reused and recycled anything that is profitable.

Muhammad Amjad said...

Beautiful! Love how it came out!
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