Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Every couple of weeks at Bundu Designs we concentrate on a featured category and try to source new and inspiring products from across Africa and showcase the best of African talent. For the past month our focus has been on ‘Bags from Africa’. We have already featured several incredible bag producers – Mongoose, Rooikop, Dsenyo, Fashion. Love, Africa, Mielie, Carmina Campus, Vivienne Westwood, Trashy Bags, Give It Bag – now we have a new one to add to our growing list. Project Sierra Leone (our first Sierra Leone feature), produces a striking range of beaded clutch bags that are hand beaded by a group of women in Sierra Leone. Started by Margaret Kadi, who had returned to her home country on a vacation after being away for 17 years and was inspired by a group of artisans whose craftsmanship she admired. She made the decision to stay and work with them, designing a contemporary range of bags allowing them to reach a wider market and not rely on the scant tourist trade. This small stylish collection fits in really nicely with our current selection, so we are hoping to have some of the them available on the Bundu Designs website soon.

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