Thursday, October 20, 2011


Mielie (pronounced Melee) is possibly one of my favourite design projects of all time. Mielie is the brainchild of Adri Schutz who started hook rugging, offcut fabric strips at her dining room table. Mielie is now a family of fifty proud Africans. The fabric of the Mielie range is reclaimed, and locally produced in South Africa.  Mielie fabric strips are a by product from cotton mills and once a week they purchase them by the kilogram from local factories. Because the shades vary every week and seasonally they never quite know what they’re going to end up with. Their solution is to work with broad colourways - i.e. lagoon = dark blue to aqua, emerald to bottle green. In their small studio in Cape Town and in the homes of each of the women employed by Mielie, the strips are woven onto hessian sheets before being turned into the little masterpieces. Before being sent out into the world, every Mielie product is labeled with the name of the weaver who made it - creating the opportunity for a connection between buyer and maker. Above all else Mielie are committed to excellent design, and are allergic to the idea of pity purchases. At Mielie, a product is only considered successful if it creates a job, is mindful of the environment - and is competitively and beautifully designed. The range of designs is almost endless as are the colour choices. Check out the range we have available at Bundu Designs.

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