Wednesday, October 5, 2011


In the aftermath of the Ivory Coast humanitarian and political crisis, there is a fashion label bringing hope to the country. The concept behind LAURENCEAIRLINE is based on how fashion and ethnic cultures can successfully collaborate to create possibilities for the future. LAURENCEAIRLINE launches its first menswear collection "ABIDJAN” focusing on shirts and underwear. Laurence’s shirts tell the story of a stylish journey, the underpants being the intimate version of this same story. Fabrics are elegantly mixed together: poplin, chambray, and wax cotton. Along with graphical details the shirts’ soft and precise cuts make for a new kind of dynamism, fitting a modern tribal pop man.
The launch of this menswear shirt collection will help generate employment in Laurence’s hometown of Abidjan. In a country where education is still unaffordable for most, LAURENCEAIRLINE’s goal is to make learning a stimulating and creative trade possible.
The plan of action is in the near future to help in the construction of a learning space where young people will be given the chance to learn fashion skills like sewing and knitting.
Great collection and our first Ivory Coast piece.

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