Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Ilaria Venturini Fendi, one of the famous 5 Fendi sisters who transformed the Fendi brand, has put both her name and her designer eye towards a small collection of bags entirely made in Cameroon. Using up-cycled materials like safari and emergency tent leftovers, military blankets and scraps of fabric, Fendi has created small objects of beauty out of once discarded ugly materials and created the Carmina Campus brand. Ms Fendi met a group of women when she was invited to participate in a project for improving the skills – of believe or not, beekeepers. Through the project, she visited the small town of Dschang in western Cameroon, where she met a group of women very skilled in sewing and knitting.
The project is the result of the collaboration of her label Carmina Campus with ITC (International Trade Centre). “Not Charity, Just Work” is the slogan that sums up the philosophy of the project. The project has also moved onto Uganda and Kenya with a similar concept of producing exclusive, small ranges of bags.

They are truely works of art and once again highlight just how inspirational Africa is. If it uplifts communities through trade - we're all for it.


Anonymous said...

hello where can we find these fabulous bags? are they distributed in Europe? thanks.

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