Friday, September 16, 2011


On September 22nd, people all over the world will take a stand against rhino poaching and the illegal trade in rhino horn in recognition of “World Rhino Day”.
Rhinos are under siege, due to the demand for illegal rhino horn in traditional medicines – despite the fact that rhino horn has been scientifically tested and proven to have no medicinal value.
According to WWF, more than 600 rhinos have been gunned down since 2005, and the wildlife trade monitoring network found that rhino horn from southern Africa is destined for consumer markets in China and Vietnam.
World Rhino Day, a global campaign initiated by WWF, calls on all concerned citizens of the world to dust off their vuvuzelas, toot their horns, blow their didgeridoos and make as much noise as possible at 1:00 PM Central Africa Time (CAT), as a symbolic act to send a powerful message to leaders that the time to take serious and effective action against rhino poaching is now.
If you wish to attend a virtual event (perhaps due to time zone differences), Africam will present a tribute to the rhino beginning at 12:30 PM CAT, followed by the blowing of the vuvuzela at 1:00 PM CAT.
Use the World Time Clock converter to see what time to tune in.
Celebrate World Rhino Day on Facebook® by joining these pages and events:
Saving Rhinos – lots of profile pics for World Rhino Day!
Spread the word, invite your friends and show your support for rhinos on World Rhino Day!

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