Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Out of a little daycare in Soweto, South Africa, a story emerges with enough heart to touch people across the globe. In a time when too often only the bleakest of African stories seems to bombard the media, comes a story of creativity, hope and empowerment and it all started with 8 imaginative little kids’ drawings. Shwe-shwe Poppis are living stories from Zola creche in Soweto, South Africa which is run by the African Children’s Feeding Scheme, an NGO that distributes food on a daily basis to more than 18,000 children in Soweto.
Shwe-shwe poppis are based on the children's drawings from the crèche.  Each Poppi is hand made by the children's mothers and grandmothers. There are 8 different 'poppi' designs and each one is completely unique, made from recycled shwe shwe fabric and bits and pieces of offcuts.  After the child's doll is sold, (s)he receives a royalty payment for the ‘design'.  A trust account is opened with these funds and the children can pay for school and university fees.
I am always so excited to open a new shipment of Poppi’s when they arrive in Canada for distribution, because each one has such character and charm. Check out our new arrivals at http://stores.bundudesigns.com/-strse-Kids/Categories.bok

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