Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So Fela Kuti is probably my all time best African musician, so when I saw this tribute to him channelled through up and coming Nigerian designer Buki Akib it immediately caught my attention.  The collection is one of the most vibrant and exciting I have seen in a long time and it captures the pulsating rhythm of the Afro Beat movement of the 1970s brilliantly. The Lagos music scene was dominated by the pioneering musician Fela Kuti. His legendary style was distinctive and heralded a new era of showmanship in the West and Pan-Africa music scene. Sex, drugs and rock n roll was Fela Kuti’s distinctive style which is captured in the collection. An astounding mixture of bright orange cottons, purple silk yarns, and dusty bronze lurex served as the palette to the backdrop to the heat and sweat of the Lagos music scene.  The eclectic mixture of texture on the heavy multicoloured tasselled jacket accurately depicts Fela’s African style and grace and is quintessentially Nigerian.  Buki Akib is a graduate of the prestigious St Martin’s College of Design and her Fela collection has been grabbing attention all over the world. She is currently busy with a collection of Fela bags. She also has a cool website at

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